Ellex Ultra Q (YAG)

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Ellex Ultra Q

The Ultra Q™ is the industry’s leading microsurgical YAG laser, optimized for both anterior and posterior Nd:YAG laser treatments. Whether you are performing capsulotomy with new generation IOLs, peripheral iridotomy for glaucoma or Nd:YAG laser vitreolysis for the treatment of floaters, the Ultra Q™ delivers higher accuracy and greater control.


The Ultra Q™ provides consistent, reliable performance, whilst reducing the potential for side effects. Featuring an Ultra Gaussian Beam Mode, teamed with a fast pulse rise time, the Ultra Q™ achieves optical breakdown at the industry’s lowest energy levels, which helps to preserve surrounding structures. This capability makes the Ultra Q™ ideally suited for use with the newest generations IOLs.


For Nd:YAG laser-based floater treatment, the Ultra

Q™ provides optimal illumination of the vitreous. A proprietary slit lamp illumination tower design converges the operator’s vision, the target illumination and the treatment beam onto the same optical path, and focuses them onto the same optical plane. This is of particular importance when aiming at vitreous strands or floaters, as it greatly minimizes the potential for focusing errors, and the risk of damage to the natural lens or the retina. The Ultra Q’s unique illumination mirror design also ensures that the chosen energy is delivered to the target site even when the mirror is in the beam path, without clipping the beam, ensuring the desired therapeutic effect is achieved whilst minimizing the risk of collateral damage caused by overtreatment.


Quick Points

  • Optimised Optics for Better Viewing
  • Efficient Energy Delivery for Safer Treatment
  • Better Performance Over the Long-Term
  • Pinpoint Precision
  • IOL-Friendly Photodisruption
  • Accurately Position Optical Breakdown
  • Designed to Maximise your Workflow
  • Faster Treatment


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