Haag-Streit Surgical Hi-R NEO 900

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HS NEO 900

Enjoy high optical visualisation with Haag-Streit Surgical´s microscope HS Hi-R NEO 900 for ophthalmology. It allows superior judgment and treatment with the best depth perception and 3-dimensional vision due to its 25 mm stereo base.

The microscope´s integrated display gives instant feedback on all important settings. By a single glance the surgeon finds information on the positions of focus, zoom, and X-Y coupling as well as the level of illumination. To maximise the freedom of positioning the microscope, an inclination mechanism has been integrated ranging from -70° to +90°. Fine adjustments can be made in a sterile manner during surgery.

On demand, the microscope is ready for intraoperative OCT (iOCT). Live scans on the anterior or posterior eye´s segment support a number of procedures and ensure surgical outcome.

Modularity – this key word describes the accessory structure of the HS Hi-R NEO 900. On demand, the ophthalmoscopic system EIBOS 2 as well as the TOCULAR can be added. Standard accessories are available like observers, cameras, a recording system, a keratoscope, a motorised slit lamp, a depth-of-field diaphragm, and foot switches. For the carrying system also various options, including the choice of illumination (halogen and LED), arise.

This is possibly the world’s finest Ophthalmic Microscope, if you would like any more information click on the PDF link below, or email Ian@toomac.co.nz