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Don’t lose your Data!

Import existing visual fields from different perimeters and software into EyeSuite Perimetry.

  • Connectivity: Directly import visual fields from most Octopus and HFA perimeters
  • Availability: Your data are available on as many viewing stations as you like
  • EMR Interface: Interface EyeSuite with your Electronic Medical Record system
  • Configurations: EyeSuite can be configured to match your needs

Connectivity and follow up

Import existing visual fields and follow up from different perimeters and software. EyeSuite directly interfaces to:

  • Octopus 900 and 300
  • Octopus 101, and Humphrey HFA7xx and 7xxi Perimeters


Network options

EyeSuite Perimetry is software for Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. It comes complete with a MySQL Server version 5 database. EyeSuite can either be installed on a single PC or as complete network solution with an unlimited number of viewing stations.

Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Interface

EyeSuite easily integrates into most EMR systems and provides standardized interfaces. DICOM will be supported once the final standard for perimetry will be defined.


Choose your favorite printout and graphics representation to match the way you work.

  • Choose either the new Octopus 7-in-1 (in color or monochrome) or the HFA style single field printout
  • Choose from 3 display modes: Octopus – Peridata – HFA style
  • Don’t want a paper copy? “Print” to an image writer and view an electronic image of your report