BA 904

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HS BA904

Ultra-Convenient Hand Held Slit Lamp  

BA 904 Designed for Use in Exam or Hospital Room The BA 904® Slit Lamp has the unique ability to provide high quality examination either in the examination room, or as a hand-held device.  


  • Haag-Streit optical system: 10x objectives; 16x as an option.
  • Ergonomic design
  • A Dioptic range of -8 to 8
  • Interpupillary range of 53 to 65
  • Safe and comfortable for patient
  • Filters out hazardous radiation, which means less damage to the retina when used with a contact lens. 


  • Fits into lightweight case
  • Integrated rechargeable NICAD battery allows up to 45 minutes of continuous use per battery. Two batteries supplied 

Technologically advanced

  • Wider interpupillary dioptic range and field of view. 

Zoom –Objective

  • The magnification can be continuously changed from 6 up to 40 X. Reference points are set at magnifications 10, 16 and 25X.

Stereo Variator

  • Uniquely with the BQ900® an optional stereo variator reduces the 13-degree angle to 4.5 degrees. Thus enlarged binocular field of view is possible even with myopia or through small pupils.
  • This also aids the observation, without additional lenses, of the peripheral fundus and vitreous.
  • The convergent stereo view offers a very large binocular field of view with high resolution and depth of focus.
  • Eyepieces adjustable to all papillary distances allow for a fatigue free and relaxed examination, even during long examinations.