Brumaba Genius Eye

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Brumaba Eye

  • Special new designed headrest for ophthalmology
  • New comfortable patient surface with integrated armrests
    • Suited for patients of all sizes!
  • Maximum mobility with four directional wheels
  • Perfect access - 10 cm more legroom
  • Battery - more than 100 surgery cycles without charging


GENIUS EYE combines the typical BRUMABA features with the special requirements placed on operating tables used for eye surgeries. The newly developed headrest, together with the horseshoe-shaped support and its patented ball joint, ensures uniquely stable access to the patient’s head! The newly developed comfort patient surfaces with integrated armrests enable surgical team members to put patients of any size into a perfectly ergonomic position. Fixed transport handles on the foot and head end of the GENIUS EYE


» Telescopic and horseshoe-shaped headrest

» Memory function with 8 programmes

» 24 V DC battery operation

» Hand-held remote control

» Telescopic column from 585-865 mm

» Integrated armrests

» Stainless steel construction

» Transport handles

» 4 Directional rolling castor, with connecting axle and lift-brake-system

» Intelligent steering mechanism (Wheels: 120mm)



» Dual telescopic column 520-950 mm

» 230 V mains plug operation

» Foot pedal