An Advance in IOL Loading - new forceps from John Weiss

IOL loading forcep, John Weiss, titanium forcep, stainless steel forcep

Old technology? Think again!

Loading forceps have been around a long time but John Weiss have re-evaluated the market place and designed a product which is far more suitable for the manual insertion of more expensive IOLs into injector systems.

Here are the 3 x main features and benefits:

  1. Rounded jaws and tips – will not damage lens (atraumatic).
  2. V-shape to tip when jaws closed – allows the forceps to engage with edge of optic when pushing IOL down cartridge. Therefore less risk of damage to expensive IOLs.
  3. Extra-long jaws to allow you to push IOL deep into the cartridge.

Choose from straight or angled jaws, both available in titanium or stainless steel.