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Haag-Streit IM 900 and IM 600 are fully integrated imaging solutions providing features which make slit lamp imaging more convenient than ever before. Video: Haag-Streit Slit Lamp IM 900 and IM 600 Video: Obtaining the highest quality imaging with Haag-Streit Slit Lamps
SP.EYE Intravitreal injection picture showing use.
SP.eye™ is an intravitreal delivery guide and sharp safe system for intravitreal injections. SP.eye™ is integrated with a high quality 30 gauge needle. It is the first such device in the world. Developed with Ophthalmologists, SP.eye™ is a highly efficient method to provide safe and secure intravitreal injections, and may be used by any suitably qualified medical professional. SP.eye is available exclusively via...
microtelescope, implanted in the eye, size of a pea, vision improvement, AMD
The  IMT or Implantable Miniature Telescope is an ophthalmic first in ultra-precision, micro-optics vision-improving technology for patients with End-Stage AMD. The telescope implant is surgically placed in the capsular bag after removal of the eye's lens. Implantation inside the eye allows the patient to see using natural eye movements in both stationary and dynamic environments.  The...
BVI have introduced a new product called the I-Ring Pupil Expander, please click on the link for more information http://toomacophthalmic.co.nz/surgical-equipment/iris-retractors/visitec-i-ring-pupil-expander
Ellex have just released their latest product the Integre Pro Scan, Multi-Colour Scanning Photocoagulator for more information please see below http://www.ellex.com/products/treatment/photocoagulation-parent/integre-pro-scan/product-tour/
Haag-Streit Fluorescein is available and we have plenty of it - please call us on 09 443 5347 for more information
If you are an Ophthalmic Nurse in NZ click on the following link where you will find a great resourse that includes the latest news, information, upcoming events and general discussions that are all relevant to you, plus it is updated regularly. Click the following to link straight there.. http://nzon.hiirc.org.nz/section/12255/ophthalmic-nurses-of-nz/  
Steven Hay from Counties Manukau Health has just launched the latest platform for all Ophthalmic Technicians, a forum that in Stevens' words can be used if you need to "'..'shout for help' when in a rut, to find out how other departments worked their patients, to ask what equipment was the best choice for our needs and to tap into the vast knowledge and experience of the senior users.". It is a great resource, we would...
Introducing Beaver Visitec Internationals latest Puntal Plug, Parasol - Visibly Different. Click here for more details
Synergetics have released their latest Catalogues, view them here