VR Instruments and Tips

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Syntrifugal Offered in a small and large design this handle incorporated a rotating shift that allows the tip to rotate 360 degrees.   SYND00.01.SS - Syntrifugal Handle Small Squeeze...
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Disposable Microserrated™ Eckardt Forceps 20, 23 and 25 ga versions Nail-like end platforms and Microserrations for precise, optimum grasping Excellent for thin...
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Tano Forceps SYND39.03.23 - 23g Disposable Tano Forcep Tips SYND39.03.25 - 25g Disposable Tano Forcep Tips   Right click here and select 'Open in New Window' for more details...
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Eckardt Fine Tip Forceps - 5 Per Box SYND39.10.23 SYND39.10.25   Right click here and select 'Open in New Window' for more details
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Horizontal Curved Scissors SYND23.76.23 - 23g Disposable Horizontal Scissors SYND23.76.25 - 25g Disposable Horizontal Scissors SYND23.76 - 20g Disposable Horizontal Scissors   Right...