Arciolane is a fractionated, purified, sterile and apyrogenic silicone oil for completely safe vitreoretinal surgery.

  • Ideal for long-term tamponade: Reduces emulsification phenomena
  • Dedicated packaging for ophthalmic use
  • Syringe stopper and cap are made of specific polymerized silicone material to avoid extractable impurities

It comes in a vial or syringe, in two viscosities, 1300 and 5500 cSt.

ARCIOLANE 1300 is presented in 10 ml Vial; 10 ml Syringe and 15 ml Syringe; the low viscosity is easier to inject and to remove.

ARCIOLANE 5500 is presented in 10 ml Vial and 10 ml Syringe; the high viscosity is recommended for long term tamponade.  

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