Contour Eyelid Implant
MedDev Corporation

Contour Eyelid Implant

The Contour Gold Eyelid Implants have a spherical shape which conforms to the curvature of the globe. The implant is less conspicuous when implanted in the eyelid because the tapered lower edge and rounded lower corners lower its profile.


  • Proven eyelid implant design
  • Excellent functional results
  • Reduced implant profile
  • Superior lid cosmesis
  • Enhanced patient satisfaction

Seven Standard Sizes (0.6 g to 1.8 g in 0.2 g increments)

  • 12.7 mm radius of spherical curvature conforms to the shape of the ocular globe

  • Precisely tapered lower implant edge and rounded corners

  • 1.0 mm implant holes for operative suture fixation and postoperative fibrous tissue in-growth

  • Smoothly blended surface transitions and suture hole edges

  • Contour Gold Eyelid Implants produced from 99.99% gold, nominal specific gravity 19.21

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