CTR EyeJet - Preloaded Capsular Tension Ring

CTR EyeJet - Preloaded Capsular Tension Ring

The EYEJET CTR consists of a disposable injector which is preloaded with one of the three Type 14 CTRs (14, 14A or 14C). Each preloaded injector is packaged in a peel-open, contoured container in which it has been sterilized and is ready for use. Available in either a left or right version so the surgeon can select the desired implantation direction.


  • Circular expansion of the capsular bag
  • Stabilization of the capsular bag
  • With small zonula damages, no sclera fixation is necessary
  • Reduces the risk of damaging the capsule or zonules during surgery
  • Better centring of the IOL, also in cases of future capsular bag shrinkage
  • Simplifies the implantation of foldable IOLs


  • Defective or partly missing zonules
  • Potentially complicated surgical conditions
  • Luxation of IOLs
  • Zonuloysis
  • Pseudoexfoliation
  • Marchesani Syndrome
  • To stabilise the capsule in case of severe myopia 

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