Oxane HD
Bausch + Lomb

Oxane HD

Oxane HD is an exclusive mixture of ultra-purified silicone oil and RMN3 (patented partially fluorinated olefin)

Clinical Benefits
  •  Heavier than water endotamponade allows effective tamponade of inferior and posterior breaks
  • Medium range viscosity allows easy automatic injection
  • Like standard Silicone Oil, its interfacial tension allows intraocular tamponade: formation of a sole intraocular bubble prevents fluids passage through retinal breaks allowing progressive reattachment.
  • Distinguishable refractive index compared to irrigating solution and
  • PFCL favouring excellent visibility during injection/aspiration
Patient Benefits
  •  Improved comfort as postoperative face-down positioning is not required
  • Allows for more aesthetic 12 o'clock iridectomy
  • Avoids passage of Silicone Oil in the anterior chamber in phakic or pseudophakic eyes
  • Potentially diminished risk of postoperative anterior and inferior reproliferation
  •  Inferior and posterior retinal breaks
  • RD complicated by severe PVR, penetrating trauma, giant tears

Inferior retinectomy for anterior PVR

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