Capsular Segments For Scleral Fixation are created for patients with extensive and/or progressive zonular loss. The partial PMMA ring segment traces a 120° arc with a radius of 4.5 or 5.0 mm and an anteriorly positioned fixation eyelet. Unlike the CTR and MCTR, the CTS can be used in cases where a discontinuous capsulorhexis, an anterior capsule tear or a posterior capsule tear is present, as it does not generate a 360° expansile force. Multiple CTS’ can be used if necessary. The CTS provides support in the area of fixation and has to be combined with a CTR or MCTR when circumferential support is required. The CTS may also be used for intraoperative support and removed prior to completion of the surgery.

Total Diameter9.5 mm
Zonular Damage> 4 hours (120°)
ACCC*5.0 mm
Suturable Armsone
FixationWe recommend the use of 9-0 double armed prolene sutures with spatula needles
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