Lenstar LS900

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The optical biometer for demanding cases

The LENSTAR LS 900 provides the user with highly accurate optical biometry data of the entire eye, including lens thickness, a key parameter for the latest generation IOL calculation formula by Prof. Olsen.

The unique dual zone keratometry ensures precise measurement of the K-Readings, Astigmatism and Axis. With the optional T-Cone Toric Platform, LENSTAR even features true Placido topography!

EyeSuite IOL, the sophisticated IOL calculation tool set of the LENSTAR, offers not only all state of the art IOL calculation- and the advanced Olsen formula but also some of the best post refractive IOL calculation methods. Furthermore it features an optional Toric Planner, for improved refractive outcomes with toric IOL.

Improve your refractive outcomes with LENSTAR LS 900... 


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