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With the GENIUS, we are presenting a surgery bed that can be used in practically all medical fields. As with all Brumaba products, the GENIUS convinces through the precise finish of high-quality materials, extreme flexibility and ergonomic design – and at a fair price.

Fields of application

  • Surgery of all types
  • Specifically for head and eye surgery
  • Out-patient operations


  • Telescopic head section with headrest
  • Back section extension for length adjustment
  • Battery operation 24V DC
  • Hand-held remote control
  • Memory function with 8 programmes
  • Telescopic column GENIUS from 570-860 mm
  • Rigid wheel axle GENIUS
  • Stainless steel construction


  • Foot control type III
  • Dual telescopic column genius from 520-960 mm
  • Middle column undercarriage GENIUS
  • Steering castors undercarriage GENIUS
  • 230V mains plug operation

The configuration

A wide range of options allows the GENIUS to be precisely adapted to your needs. You have a choice of the following attributes, for example:

Undercarriage & foot control

In the standard version, the GENIUS comes with stable pedestals. If you are reliant on mobility before, during or after an operation, you should choose one of the two undercarriage versions. A choice of two or four smooth-running, hygienically sealed castors bring the surgery bed into the correct position for the next treatment step. The optionally available foot control ensures that all functions can be operated in a manner that is free of contamination. The four basic models of the GENIUS differ in their telescopic columns, and also in the power supply, with or without a cable. 











Battery pack





Single telescopic column





Dual telescopic column






You can also choose from three stand/undercarriage variations:

  • 2 standing axles with 4 feet
  • 1 rigid wheel axle and 1 steering castor undercarriage with brakes
  • 2 steering castor undercarriages with front and rear brake


Adjustable working height

The patented telescopic column of the GENIUS ensures a maximum degree of ergonomics. It enables an enormously flexible height adjustment: In the standard model from 590–880 mm, with an optional dual telescopic column from 520–950 mm. Via remote control, the memory function brings the patient to one of 8 user-defined positions during the course of treatment – in one flowing, silent movement, thanks to microhydraulics.  

Telescopic head section & calvaria

The patented telescopic head section developed by Brumaba enables an exact positioning of the patient’s head, and makes the GENIUS just right forall types of cranial surgery. Because of the seamlessly adjustable inclination, you have optimal freedom of movement during the whole of the surgery.


Two operating variations

Decide yourself whether you want to operate the GENIUS in “stationary” mode, or use it frequently in different rooms. The standard model has a 230V mains plug, and as much mobility as possible is ensured by the battery pack version, with an integrated charging unit.

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